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The best way for now to create a game on top of Stratagems evolving world map is to fork the project

💻 Clone / Fork and Install

We are assuming here that you have nodejs and pnpm installed

We also expect you to have git LFS (Large File Storage) installed

We also recommend to install zellij

  1. Clone the repository

    Before cloning you will need to have git LFS (Large File Storage) installed

    git clone
    cd stratagems
    git remote rm origin # this remove the origin
    git remote add origin <your-repo>

    Note that you can also fork the project directly from github and clone the resulting repo

    Then, ensure the LFS hooks are present:

    git lfs install

    If you installed git lfs after already cloning the repo, you will also need to execute the following:

    git lfs pull
  2. Install dependencies

    pnpm i
  3. Then Assuming you have zellij installed

    pnpm start

    And you are ready to go!

Note If you do not have zellij (on windows for example) you can use wezterm

pnpm start:wezterm

Or you can also launch each component in their own process

pnpm local_node
pnpm contracts:compile:watch
pnpm contracts:deploy:watch
pnpm indexer:dev
pnpm web:dev

👾 Play

Just navigate to the url mentioned in the console. If you have no other thing running, it should be http://localhost:5173/

You ll see an empty sea. There you cna get yoruself some token with the ("get tokens") button and start putting land.

Feel free to switch account on your wallet to play as multiplery

The rules are described in our doc

Running against existing live instance

If you want to play with a live game, you can also execute the following and see a live map

  • For the current alpha on the Base network:

    pnpm attach alpha1
  • For the testnet version on base sepolia:

    pnpm attach alpha1test


Now that you can play the game locally, you can start tinkering with adding new smart contract and mechanics.

What to play with ?

Stratagems is unique in that it does not have hooks to hook into. It rather expose a set of new primitive you can play with. You can think of it as blockchain itself, a protocol which you can read data and affects the value of everybody actions even on the base game

Still wondering ?

Well, in the current map you can see

Deploying to a network

Just execute the following

pnpm contracts:deploy:prepare <network>

and it will ask you few questions and get your .env.local setup with the var needed to deploy on the network of your choice.

You just need to have a endpoint url and mnemonic ready for it.

You can of course configure it manually with more option if you need

Then you can deploy your contract

pnpm contracts:deploy <network>

And you can verify the contract

  • on etherscan:
pnpm contracts:verify <network> etherscan
  • using sourcify:
pnpm contracts:verify <network> sourcify

for etherscan if the network is not supported by default (no endpoint), you can provide your own:

pnpm contracts:verify <network> etherscan --endpoint <api endpoint url>

Released under the GPL 3.0 License.