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Alpha 1 on Base mainnet

(March 21st to May 21st)

We are thrlled to finally have a first play-test with you all. Stratagems started as a hackathon project back in November 2022. After winning the gaming category of the Arbitrum hackathon we did not immediatly continue work on it as we needed more tools and we spent the whole 2023 working on these.

And now we are here with a first alpha where players will compete for the control of the map.

Rewards and Scoring System

Our leader-board system will reward top-players. We currently have $1000 worth of reward and hope to get more as the alpha plays out. Stay tuned!

The game is devided in 2 phases, each 1 month long.

The first phase starts now and will last until April 21st. TOKENs will be given to players through our Discord server and players can use them to stake on the map to create islands. The scoring system at this point will consider the Lands owned that are prosperous (increasing in life or at max life), but this will not be representing the final score.

In the second phase, a new token, the GEMS, will be activated. This is the token that Stratagems will also generate in its final release. The GEM tokens are given to players proportionally to how many prosperoud island they own. The number of GEM token distributed per seconds is fixed and so there is strong incentive to control as much territory as early as possible.

The black faction

Just a reminder that if you end up staking on the same land as someone else, the land will be owned by no-one, this is even the case if the 2 players used the same faction. So if you can collaborate please do so and avoid bad surprise.

Released under the GPL 3.0 License.